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Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife Is A Little Sweet

NovelPerfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife Is A Little SweetPerfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife Is A Little Sweet
Chapter 2279 peel hand
Before long, your vehicle stopped when in front of a lecture hall.
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The man smiled faintly. “No must be nervous, Neglect Nie. We aren’t exploring the Arbitration Local authority or council. Leader Yi is supplying a lecture now, so we’re visiting where President Yi is giving a lecture.”
Therefore, Ye Wanwan suspected how the silver-haired person was probably He Lianjue…
Ye Wanwan: “…”
“Unfortunately, we don’t know the solution to that, Pass up Nie. The Director naturally has his target for finding you. If Neglect Nie needs a response, you are able to only question the President. We can’t advise you everything,” the younger male reported.
Ye Wanwan implemented the 2 folks interior.
The young gal clogged Significant Dipper, Seven Star, and also the other people and said expressionlessly, “Apologies, but Chief executive Yi solely wants to see Miss Nie and didn’t bring the rest of you, to ensure you cannot follow.”
“Eh…” Misunderstandings instantly protected Ye Wanwan’s experience when she found the man.
Wasn’t this man the silver-haired gentleman she fulfilled in Asia?!
Ignore a minor Leader Fearless like her, but the President with the Arbitration Authorities probably only had to absolute a word and this man could see anyone he wanted.
Overlook a minor Leader Fearless like her, however the Chief executive of your Arbitration Local authority or council probably only found it necessary to utter anything in which he could see anybody he needed.
“Please stop.”
On secondly thought…
He was the Leader of the Arbitration Council—the icon of pinnacle electrical power on the Twelve Independent States in the usa!
He was the Leader with the Arbitration Council—the mark of pinnacle potential within the Twelve Independent Claims!
Ye Wanwan surmised which the sterling silver-haired person was He Lianjue. But she never saw He Lianjue’s encounter before since he wore a face mask when they met. Way back in Asia, the silver-haired guy appeared additionally they satisfied. The silver-haired man’s QQ signature clearly stated that Worriless Nie was his disciple.
“Unfortunately, we don’t know the reply to that, Skip Nie. The Chief executive naturally has his aim for discovering you. If Miss Nie desires an answer, you can only check with the Chief executive. We can’t inform you everything,” the youthful mankind said.
The person smiled faintly. “No must be nervous, Overlook Nie. We aren’t visiting the Arbitration Local authority. President Yi is offering a lecture today, so we’re on the way to where President Yi is giving a lecture.”
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What satisfied her was an exquisite-hunting guy with a travel of long dark colored head of hair offering a lecture by using a dignified and solemn manifestation.
The young women clogged Massive Dipper, Six Legend, as well as other folks and said expressionlessly, “Apologies, but President Yi solely hopes to see Miss Nie and didn’t invitation the remainder of you, which means you cannot stick to.”
Midway there, Ye Wanwan requested, “We aren’t seeing the Arbitration Council’s structure, right…?”
Ye Wanwan: “…”
Thus, Ye Wanwan guessed that the sterling silver-haired mankind was probably He Lianjue…
Large Dipper transformed furious immediately and drew up his sleeves. “Are you shopping on us? Have you considered your Arbitration Local authority Chief executive, huh? He’s brilliant and also a big issue, huh?”
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“Since Leader Yi wishes to see me, I naturally can’t reject him. On the other hand, I don’t know Chief executive Yi by any means, so may I ask… why does Chief executive Yi wish to see me?” Ye Wanwan questioned curiously.
Ye Wanwan: “…”
What kind of sin did she make? Why have she need to bring in Big Dipper on this page?!
Wasn’t this gentleman the silver-haired person she became aquainted with in China?!
As a result, Ye Wanwan thought which the silver-haired man was probably He Lianjue…
Even so, when Big Dipper discovered the little woman’s phrase gradually converting displeased, he suddenly smiled. “That’s correct, the Leader on the Arbitration Council rocks ! along with a huge problem! You need to give my goodwill to President Yi. I really like him, I admiration him, he’s my idol…”Read far more chapters at Listnovel.com
Ye Wanwan didn’t say anything but inserted a cautious and protective mode. The other either of these kinds of two behaved abnormally, she would invasion.
Just forget about a small Chief executive Fearless like her, nevertheless the Leader from the Arbitration Local authority probably only needed to absolute anything and this man could see any person he needed.

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