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Unrivaled Medicine God

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Chapter 2122 – Entering the Game copy report
“In this situation, this Check with Not chess sport is quite amazing?”
Unexpectedly, a thunderous speech sounded out. Everyone’s divine souls seemed to be dragged by somebody. The military power of these two sides started participating fiercely.
“What? Closed 50% on the electrical power and High Priest Stardrive actually can’t even allow it to be by?”
Several demon race powerhouses were actually anxious and doubtful, considering that little chessboard with awesome impact.
Ye Yuan’s figure directly immersed into the world.
Ji Mo investigated Ye Yuan and started his mouth area and explained, “Second Sage, Grasp said that you must be very keen on Request Not. So he required me to give it in excess of. This chessboard would be the authentic Request Not!”
Unrivaled Medicine God
“What the h.e.l.l are you aware! Sacred Ancestor Large Priest makes plenty of rubbings of Ask Not and given it for the a variety of Priest Temples. However the rubbings of Inquire Not chess online game differ in strategy. What is enshrined with the various Priest Temples are merely the smallest-stage model of Ask Not. It probably doesn’t have even one-ten-thousandth from the real Ask Not’s electrical power!”
the one that realizes me well continues to be Sacred Ancestor High Priest! Demanding Check with Not the past time, the Treatment Ancestor was too vulnerable! I truly couldn’t muster up attention!” Ye Yuan claimed that has a have fun.
Heavenly Emperor Zixu’s gaze disclosed an appearance of astonishment in which he reported within a solemn speech, “Heaven and world as the chessboard, myriad life when the chess items! Thats a huge energy!”
That was the best Consult Not. It was subsequently this game area in the Medicine Ancestor and Sacred Ancestor High Priest, both of these peerless alchemy pros.
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Across the void, two leaders looked at the other person across s.p.a.ce, almost like G.o.ds.
On top of the void, two leaders viewed each other across s.p.a.ce, much like G.o.ds.
A horrifying to the intense tension instantly bloomed!
“Is this Sacred Ancestor Significant Priest here to make sure strength, or listed here to get rid of individuals? Just how can just horrifying potential be such a mere Genuine G.o.d Kingdom can endure?” Long Zhi marveled with admiration.
“Second Sage, enter the game!” High Priest Stardrive looked over Ye Yuan and claimed coolly.
Unexpectedly, a thunderous voice sounded out. Everyone’s divine souls appeared to be pulled by another person. The army strength of these two ends began getting fiercely.
“Just exactly what life in this Question Not!”
“Second Sage, enter into the online game!” High Priest Stardrive considered Ye Yuan and explained coolly.
And also this picture landed fully in everyone’s sight.
“Second Sage, go into the game!” High Priest Stardrive looked over Ye Yuan and explained coolly.
At first, that chessboard only provided persons a intense and bizarre experiencing.
Originally, that chessboard only provided persons a unique and strange emotion.
The scene just before everyone’s eye improved, just like they had joined another community.
Ji Mo’s gaze flickered in which he believed to themselves, “Disregarding other considerations, just this conclusion, no one can be when compared with him!”
“Second Sage, enter into the game!” Large Priest Stardrive looked at Ye Yuan and mentioned coolly.
… …
“Is there still a requirement to mention? Would the Request Not really that Substantial Priest Stardrive personally delivered over be in the common sort?”
Which was Medicine Ancestor!
But Ji Mo was slightly amazed in his cardiovascular and may even not help recalling his picture of complex Question Not back then.
How grandiose and thrilling was that struggle!

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