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NovelLet Me Game in PeaceLet Me Game in Peace
Chapter 1211 – : Done steady shy
He held his cellphone up on the Cube’s monitor to see if he could click it, but he pointed out that it was ineffective. Even though he really stood on Venus, it was subsequently very far out. He were forced to leap to the magma and get a shut-up photo.
Furthermore, the beings which had sprang out previously experienced safely show up soon after entering into. Zhou Wen felt that this wasn’t too harmful, so he arranged on making a vacation and snapping the small palm image.
He is at a big mountain assortment. The mountain / hill was even taller as opposed to Himalayas.
Fortunately, Zhou Wen didn’t plan on looking the metallic establishing. He discovered the small palm mark and forcefully dispersed the surrounding magma. He needed out his cell phone and snapped a photo from it.
Section 1211
The audio Zhou Wen had been told was in the leaf.
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Zhou Wen heaved a sigh of alleviation once the long-anticipated download screen made an appearance.. He set aside his smartphone and permit it to download gradually.
When his gaze accidentally swept across a spot in the hemisphere, Zhou Wen’s sight suddenly lighted up. Inside the grid split through the longitude and lat.i.tude meridians and parallels, there had been a small palm image engraved towards the bottom periphery. Inside the palm was actually a golden group of friends image. It checked like Venus.
Zhou Wen heaved a sigh of comfort if the lengthy-awaited download display came out.. He set aside his cell phone and allow it download slowly and gradually.
It was actually somewhat just like shattering of tempered gla.s.s. The Golden Combat G.o.d Halberd immediately disintegrated into many fragments. The fragments were much smaller than tempered gla.s.s shards—only how big is sesame seed products.
That which was more frightening was the temperature emitted because of the stainless steel creating was a lot more frightening compared to the heat of magma.
He needed Jade Rabbit and An ice pack Maiden with him, but Zhou Wen believed that Ice-cubes Maiden wasn’t of great importance and use. That area was too sizzling, so An ice pack Maiden’s power will be greatly stressed. Her eliminate energy would certainly plummet.
Even though Zhou Wen’s relations.h.i.+p having an Tianzuo was terrible, he needed to accept that the Tianzuo’s attend to Ya’er was substantially more thorough than his personal.
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Not daring to be for too long, Zhou Wen continued teleporting inside the magma and quickly emerged before the metallic setting up.
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Moreover, the animals which had appeared previously got safely turn out after joining. Zhou Wen believed which it wasn’t too risky, so he intended on building a trip and snapping the tiny palm token.
A metal blossom? Zhou Wen was especially understanding of roses and didn’t dare brain straight into the rift.
When his gaze accidentally swept across a corner of your hemisphere, Zhou Wen’s sight suddenly lit up up. Within the grid broken down with the longitude and lat.i.tude meridians and parallels, there was a small palm image engraved towards the end periphery. Within the palm had been a glowing circle image. It searched like Venus.
Regardless of Zhou Wen’s Terror-quality ability shielding him, he still noticed a burning off sense.
Clown Mask’s teleportation power was already very powerful. His teleportation length was very much beyond right before, as a result it didn’t bring him extended to come within the vicinity with the magma abyss.
Pushed and the Return Push
Following producing ample preparations, Zhou Wen employed Singularity Universe’s potential and decided Venus as his teleportation targeted. He instantly turned up above Venus.
Despite the fact that Zhou Wen’s relations.h.i.+p using an Tianzuo was awful, he was required to acknowledge that Tianzuo’s attend to Ya’er was more meticulous than his very own.
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He place on the Invisibility Cloak, place on the earrings, along with Health practitioner Darkness include him.
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Zhou Wen hadn’t originally organized on taking the threat on Venus, however, when he saw the small palm sign, he knew the fact that stainless steel developing was certainly not a battle arena, but a dimensional zone.
When his gaze accidentally swept across a part from the hemisphere, Zhou Wen’s eyeballs suddenly lighted up. During the grid broken down through the longitude and lat.i.tude meridians and parallels, there had been a very small palm icon engraved at the base periphery. From the palm was a glowing group of friends image. It looked like Venus.
Thank goodness, Zhou Wen didn’t anticipate browsing the aluminum building. He found the small palm token and forcefully dispersed the nearby magma. He got out his mobile phone and snapped a picture from it.
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Singularity Universe allowed for remote teleportation, but it surely wasn’t precise ample. When Zhou Wen showed up on Venus, he didn’t land nearby the magma.
He kept his cell phone up with the Cube’s screen to determine if he could snap it, but he found that it was actually ineffective. Even if he really endured on Venus, it was actually very far apart. He needed to dive in to the magma and go on a shut-up taken.
After a little thought, Zhou Wen dispelled his intentions to continue discovering. Immediately after identifying where he was, he teleported towards magma abyss.
He place on the Invisibility Cloak, put on the earrings, and had Physician Darkness possess him.
The explanation it absolutely was referred to as a counterfeit plant was that it really had three green renders. Previously those have been bright petals. Its entire body was steel, searching nothing at all much like a lifestyle place in any respect. It looked just like a work of art.

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